Don’t Text and Drive A Golf Cart

After a wonderful early morning golf game, with my husband and son, I couldn’t help but reflect on how relaxing and social the first 16 holes were. Golfer Texting Then all of a sudden, I hit a great long drive on 17 and no one said a word. My husband was busy washing his golf ball, and my 37-year old son was TEXTING.

Texting and talking on your cell phone should be prohibited on golf courses the same way texting while driving an automobile is. I understand having your phone on vibrate in case of an emergency or using it for an app you downloaded for the golf course, but it should be quiet or shut off. If you are playing with friends they might understand, but foursomes composed of strangers will take your behavior as rude. I don’t understand why people need to text when playing golf and especially while driving the cart.Taking a phone call or placing one is totally impolite and unless you are waiting for the birth of a child or the arrival time of your in-laws, don’t text and golf. I understand cigars, sun block and styrofoam beverage cups in your hands, but texting just to have something to keep your fingers busy – I say no!

Texting in CarNow I admit, it was my own social media twitch, on the hole 14, that had me taking a photo of ducks in a water hole to send to my daughter in New York. That made me see how it affects your game. I took the photo and started texting my daughter while getting some ice from the cart person. When I was done texting, I saw I was due on the ladies tee and I wasn’t ready. I had to look for the right club and fumble with my phone, not aware of my surroundings, thus using a four iron for a 356 yard hole instead of my Big Bertha.

What I think bothers me the most is that I need more than my set of eyes to see where the ball lands and suggest a stance change. Therefore, when I hit the ball and someone yells good shot, I know they are texting! My shots are never good, believe me, they hadn’t looked up. The other reason is that there is no communication with the folks that are present, in your cart or your foursome. You should be bonding with your golf group, not your iPhone. Trust me, the text can wait.

If you can’t live without Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for more than 18 holes of golf, and you desperately need to know where someone had breakfast or who was delayed on the space mountain line at Disneyland, then you should not be taking four hours out of your day. Golf is for outdoor exercise, breathing some fresh air and socializing with like-minded people. If you are addicted to social media and texting then stay home and make cupcakes. You can even post on Facebook after you’re done. I’ll be sure to like it after my golf game.


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