Why I love vintage James Bond cars

It seems that vintage is starting to come back around along with tights, leggings, high-waist shorts and come over hair-dos. Aston_Martin_V8_Vantage_Volante_-_ProfileAlong with these vintage loves come a love for the classic James Bond car, like that beautiful Aston Martin that we first drooled over, along with the sexy Sean Connery – my 70’s crush.

Seeing these cars makes me really miss the 70’s. Yet, I appreciate that car lovers like me that just can’t say no to the vintage automobiles.

The newer Aston Martins are wonderful cars but nothing beats a classic. Seeing the classic automobiles zoom up and down the Phoenix highway is a cool walk down memory lane. Nothing beats a classic.

Sean Connery as James BondThough some trends will probably never come back – such as the 1980’s mullet, at least I know that my vintage cars are here to stay along with my younger day memories.


2 thoughts on “Why I love vintage James Bond cars

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