A chance to shop for “oldies” and goodies;” worldwide vintage car show held in Phoenix

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photo courtesy of RM Auctions 

No matter which generation we belong to, we all appreciate anything vintage – whether a cute dress or an old Frank Sinatra record. We simply adore “oldies” in nearly every capacity, which is why vintage car shows are the greatest events for people that appreciate the good ole’ days, especially car professionals like me that are quite seasoned in the game.

On January 16-17, RM Auctions will be kicking off a two-day classic car sale in Phoenix. According to RM Auctions website, “The Arizona auction week is widely regarded as a barometer for the new collector car season, with last year’s Arizona sale achieving more than a 42% increase in sales, representing an all-time high for RM Auctions.”

Admission is also open to the public, which makes it a perfect getaway to see cars that you don’t typically see speeding down the I-10. Prospective buyers get a great chance to see popular classic models before starting the buying process.

Some recent popular buys through previous RM auctions include the 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, the 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Roadster and the 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe. Other makes include the 1991 Ferrari, the 1954 Buick, the 1948 Chrysler and the 1974 BMW. After the auction in Phoenix, the RM Auction will be held in Paris, Amelia Island and Monaco. The auction is worldwide and recognized in numerous states and countries, which makes it a very unique show that any Phoenician would enjoy.

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Photo Courtesy of RM Auctions 

The auction will be held at the Biltmore Resort and Spa and begins on both days at 5 pm. For Bidder Registration and more information about the auction, click here. 

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Photo Courtesy of RM Auctions


NAIAS: the perfect place for car fanatics

Like a McDonalds play-pin to an energetic toddler, the North American International Auto Show is the greatest playland for anyone interested in cars.

(Jan 2013) Detroit, MI North American International Auto Show

Lingenfelter on Display at the North American International Auto Show in 2013

The show room contains over 70 new vehicles from car manufactures all over the world.  In addition to seeing new models, attendees can also take review to new car technologies and new findings within the car industry.

This show, held in Detroit,MI, is said to be one of the best car shows in the world featuring numerous popular manufacturers such as Ford and Lexus.

According to the NAIAS website, the nine-day show gains international fans and members each and every year. 795,416 visitors attended last year which included over 5,000 journalists from 62 countries.

“NAIAS is positioned along with shows in Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, Beijing and Tokyo because of the number of journalists who attend, and the number of worldwide product unveilings we host,” Jim Seavitt, NAIAS 2013 vice chairman said. “We are traditionally very strong in both categories, which is why NAIAS remains an important part of the automakers’ global product launch strategies.”

This annual event is the best and easiest way to see new models and chat with auto professionals about some of the greatest car brands in the world.

For more information about the NAIAS, click here.