A chance to shop for “oldies” and goodies;” worldwide vintage car show held in Phoenix

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photo courtesy of RM Auctions 

No matter which generation we belong to, we all appreciate anything vintage – whether a cute dress or an old Frank Sinatra record. We simply adore “oldies” in nearly every capacity, which is why vintage car shows are the greatest events for people that appreciate the good ole’ days, especially car professionals like me that are quite seasoned in the game.

On January 16-17, RM Auctions will be kicking off a two-day classic car sale in Phoenix. According to RM Auctions website, “The Arizona auction week is widely regarded as a barometer for the new collector car season, with last year’s Arizona sale achieving more than a 42% increase in sales, representing an all-time high for RM Auctions.”

Admission is also open to the public, which makes it a perfect getaway to see cars that you don’t typically see speeding down the I-10. Prospective buyers get a great chance to see popular classic models before starting the buying process.

Some recent popular buys through previous RM auctions include the 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, the 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Roadster and the 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe. Other makes include the 1991 Ferrari, the 1954 Buick, the 1948 Chrysler and the 1974 BMW. After the auction in Phoenix, the RM Auction will be held in Paris, Amelia Island and Monaco. The auction is worldwide and recognized in numerous states and countries, which makes it a very unique show that any Phoenician would enjoy.

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Photo Courtesy of RM Auctions 

The auction will be held at the Biltmore Resort and Spa and begins on both days at 5 pm. For Bidder Registration and more information about the auction, click here. 

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Photo Courtesy of RM Auctions


NAIAS: the perfect place for car fanatics

Like a McDonalds play-pin to an energetic toddler, the North American International Auto Show is the greatest playland for anyone interested in cars.

(Jan 2013) Detroit, MI North American International Auto Show

Lingenfelter on Display at the North American International Auto Show in 2013

The show room contains over 70 new vehicles from car manufactures all over the world.  In addition to seeing new models, attendees can also take review to new car technologies and new findings within the car industry.

This show, held in Detroit,MI, is said to be one of the best car shows in the world featuring numerous popular manufacturers such as Ford and Lexus.

According to the NAIAS website, the nine-day show gains international fans and members each and every year. 795,416 visitors attended last year which included over 5,000 journalists from 62 countries.

“NAIAS is positioned along with shows in Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, Beijing and Tokyo because of the number of journalists who attend, and the number of worldwide product unveilings we host,” Jim Seavitt, NAIAS 2013 vice chairman said. “We are traditionally very strong in both categories, which is why NAIAS remains an important part of the automakers’ global product launch strategies.”

This annual event is the best and easiest way to see new models and chat with auto professionals about some of the greatest car brands in the world.

For more information about the NAIAS, click here.

Cathy says: “try the backpack booster seat and protect your child”

I love this product! The backpack booster seat could be a lifesaver

Exclusive press releases from some of the best auto sources

Exclusive press releases from some of the best auto sources

for your child. Check this article out from the Detroit News!

– by Larry Edsall


The Safety 1st BoostAPak converts from a booster seat to a backpack.



Each month of so, my mail brings a copy of “Status Report,” a publication from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the folks who do crash tests that are more stringent than those required by the government.

The most recent report details the IIHS’s tests of child booster seats, the ones designed for youngsters who have outgrown their infant seats but who aren’t large enough yet to be properly protected by a car’s seat belt system. Typically, these are children in the 4-8 age range, the IIHS reports.

Being a grandfather, I was interested in the scores, so I scanned the article, at least until I reached the fourth page, where there was a large image of a child-sized crash-test dummy wearing a backpack.

The caption explained that the backpack was more than a backpack. It was a Safety 1st BoostAPak, which is both a backpack and a booster seat being marketing for children aged 4-12 who ride in carpools. Or with grandparents. Or on airplanes.

Not only is it versatile, but it received the highest (Best Bet) rating in the IIHS testing of booster seats.

“One of the things we know is that booster seats are one of the less used seats, and that children are graduating from car seats to the adult seats with a seat belt too soon,” said Julie Vallese of Dorel Juvenile Group, which is based in Columbus, Ind.

“The booster seats often gets skipped over,” she said, adding that Dorel “has a commitment to safety and transporting children safely and was looking for ways to make booster seats more appealing to use.

“Oftentimes, what we found was that kids are reluctant [to use booster seats]. They see it as still being treated as a baby or child, and their friends may not be in these seats. How do we address that? How do you get the child to take ownership of the seat?

Dorel found a solution in England, where a company called Trunki specialized in travel products for children. Dorel became exclusive North American distributor for Trunki’s BoostAPak, which until January 2014 is sold only through the Buy Buy Baby stores and website. When the New Year begins, additional sales outlets will be added, Vallese said.

 Click here to see the full article.

The Distracted Mind: What are we paying attention to you while driving?

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.22.01 AMThis video was extremely insightful on the human mind and how distracted we really are when talking on the phone.According to TEDPartners, who partnered with Toyota to make this video, the human brain is not wired to do more then one complex task at one time. Yet, we continue to have a variety of distractions in our vehicles such as our ipods, navigation systems, and of course our cell phones. However, we don’t just use the cell phones to talk, as many people text, check email, navigate destinations, and get on social networks while driving. The video explains that we are “4 times more likely to crash while talking on the phone and 24 times more likely to crash while texting on the phone.”

As many campaigns have jumped on board spreading awareness about this danger, and law enforcement has gotten more strict about cell phone laws, it’s about that automotive experts and bloggers become proactive in doing our part as well. Let’s not wait for one unfortunate accident to make us realize how dangerous this is. We all need to stand together and take action, spreading the word. We should teach our family, friends and colleagues to do the same. As technology advances, our minds become more and more distracted from our normal day-t0-day personal lives. So the question remains, have we given up on our regular lives to enjoy virtual ones?

Check this video out at http://ed.ted.com/on/Lj5N4g31


After a summer and fall filled with family trips and a few golf outings with friends, my husband and I decided to redeem some of our Marriott points and spend a long weekend in Newport Beach, California.


We planned this trip as a romantic getaway, combined with some work that could only be done at the beach or an outdoor café with a fancy French name. We figured it would be a nice break from our normal routine before the holiday season got too hectic. The only writing I was planning on doing was checking boxes in the American Girl catalog, signing for room service and completing this review.

lexus-san-franI requested a Lexus IS 350 to test-drive over to California and back. With two suitcases and two sets of golf clubs that fit easily in the trunk, we started our trip. The minute I sat in my firm-but-supple seat, I was hugged closely by the deep bolster construction. Now that’s the way to start a romantic weekend.

The ride was smooth, and the cabin was quiet, perfect for enjoying the Mark Levinson sound system that produced concert-quality entertainment. The separate temperature controls were awesome since I like to be “menopausally” cool and my husband is always hot. The legroom and headrest placement were perfect. Our conversations started to lighten up, so we turned off the phones, Facebook and emails for five hours and just relaxed.

I had the opportunity to test-drive the Lexus IS 350 sedan and the F Sport model in San Francisco earlier this year, both on a race track and through the streets of San Francisco. For this trip, however, we were simply taking a five-hour drive and in no particular hurry. Despite our laid-back driving decision, when we needed the speed to pass or merge, you could feel the power and hear the engine growl like a Barry White love song, leaving other vehicles in the dust.

The Entune navigation system was a welcomed comfort and comes standard on the IS. While getting navigation instructions, we were alerted to an accident and redirected off the freeway. We estimated that it saved us at least 40 minutes.

If you’ve never been to Newport Beach, it appears to be a town that is automobile-aficionado heaven. Wherever we went, a Maserati, Range Rover or Mercedes was in front of, next to or behind us. The nice thing about the Lexus vehicles, especially the IS 350, is that it fits in to any city or lifestyle. It is luxurious, sporty, performance savvy and family-friendly.

To see more of this blog: visit http://www.sheknows.com/living/articles/1024689/romantic-getaway-in-the-lexus-is-350

All Hail the 2015 Mustang: Fast, Fierce and Fabulous

Today, Ford revealed the all-new 2015  Mustang, creating the sixth generation of the vehicle. The new vehicle marks 50 years for the Ford Mustang along with a new sexy, sleek design, innovative technologies and world-class performance.

1386223591890.jpgMustang is now available with three different engines – a powerful 5.0-liter V8, a 3.7 V6 and an all-new fuel-efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. The steering control is a little more precise, the stance is a little lower with a smaller roof height, and the rear fenders and track are a little wider. The new design also has three-dimensional, tri-bar tail-lamps with sequential turn signals.

Though the design is sleeker, the new Mustang also has more room in the backseats providing more comfort for hips and shoulders, and a more conveniently shaped trunk.

Drivers will especially love the smoother shifts from the updated manual gearbox and a reworked automatic transmission featuring new steering wheel-mounted shift paddles for drivers who want the choice between convenience and control.

For the tech lovers, the new Mustang has a push button start, SYNC and MyKey in every Mustang built, Track Apps and a new Shaker Pro audio system. Electronic Stability Control Setting, Blind Spot Information System, alert cruise control and numerous selectable drive modes will make the ride so smooth that the car can practically drive itself.

In addition to the new model and new technology advances, customers simply go crazy over the Mustangs. The vehicle is one of the most popular vehicles in the world, and reigns as the most talk-about vehicle on Facebook with more then 5 million fans worldwide. Over 9 million cars have been sold since the first Mustang released in 1964.

As I hope to test-drive one of these new babies to check out all of these fun advances, I’m sure if you pick this vehicle you will feel like a King or Queen of the Highway. And for my ladies, make sure you wear the red Louboutins, especially if you’re searching for a candy apple color. A car this sexy must be paired with a new outfit and your sexiest heels!

MSN Autos Consumer Report releases top 10 cars under $20,000

As prices continue to keep rising throughout many areas of our economy, it’s very important that consumers are aware of where they can cut costs and save money. This is especially important when it comes to expensive items that we must save our money for and prepare for. Choosing a car that’s too expensive can make it easy for someone to overextend their credit and spend years trying to recover from hefty car payments. However, MSN recently released the top 10 cars under $20,000. Choosing a less expensive car will lessen car payments and simply make life a little easier. Check these cars out and comment below to tell me what you think about MSN’s report.

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Front Angle View#1. Hyundai Elantra Gus $19,200





Honda-Fit#2. Honda Fit $16,915








2014-Toyota-Corolla-S-front-view-in-motion1#3. Toyota Corolla $18975 (for a review of the Toyota Corolla visit  https://cathyscarcorner.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/50-years-and-still-a-winner-2014-toyota-corolla/ )







2013-scion-xb-5dr-wagon-auto-natl-angular-front-exterior-view_100434655_s#4. Scion XB $28,612


#5. Kia Sould Plus $18,475

Unknown#6. Chevrolet Sonic LT $17,455

Unknown-1#7. Hyundai Accent $16,320

kia-rio-sedan1#8. Kia Rio EX $17,545

2012-mazda-mazda2-360spinframe_7903_032_580x435#9.  Mazda Mazda2 Touring $17,845

images#10. Scion XD $16,900

To review the MSN Consumer Report visit http://editorial.autos.msn.com/best-cars-under-dollar2000

Fun Facts: The 1794 Edition Heritage Toyota Tundra

Where did the model name “1794” come from?

2014-Toyota-Tundra-1794-Edition-front-grilleThe home of the Toyota Tundra is a plant located just south of San Antonio, Texas, a property – once the oldest working ranch in Texas, the JLC Ranch – that provides the 1794 Edition legacy name.

The 1794 Edition name originates from the founding year of the JLC ranch which was 1794, when a young colonist from the Canary Islands, Juan Ignacio de Casanova, received a royal grant for a league of rolling pastureland between Leon Creek and the Medina River.

2014-toyota-tundra_100435258_lOn this land, he established El Rancho de la Purisima Concepcion, and later expanded his holdings to more than 24,000 acres. Ignacio later defended San Antonio from Mexican revolutionary forces attempting to break away from Spain. He served briefly as the Spanish Provincial Governor of Texas before his death in October 1823. His son, Jose Ignacio Perez continued to ranch the land.

During the Texas Revolution, Perez remained loyal to the Mexican Government, placing his family on property along the Rio Grande. He continued to pay taxes on the ranch, which helped him reclaim the land when he returned in 1846. The Texas Republic only recognized the original land grant of 4,000 acres.

This was passed on to Perez’s descendants as the JLC Ranch until it was acquired by Toyota in 2003 for the first (and only) pickup truck plant in Texas, at San Antonio. Thus a true Texan truck it is!

Tops Off to the Italians for the 2013 Fiat 500c Lounge Cabrio



Don’t worry; I’m not referencing a topless beach in Capri, Italy, but rather hats off to Fiat, the manufacturer of the 500c Lounge Cabrio for making such an awesome car and to Fiat of Scottsdale for providing me the opportunity to test drive it. You can’t resist taking your top down on a super sexy and fun Fiat 500 convertible no matter what time of year.


For me, driving any convertible is a vacation in of itself. I own a 2002 Thunderbird convertible, and every chance I get, I put my top down (on the car) and enjoy the sounds, smells and freedom it evokes. I think convertibles are designed for certain types of car enthusiasts. I also believe that if you’ve never driven one or been a passenger in one, you have no idea what you’re missing. There is something so European and sort of “James Bond-ish” about a convertible car on the open roads or even on the Trader Joe’s parking lot. You shouldn’t make excuses such as your hair will get messed up (wear a hat), or maybe you are afraid of the sun exposure (wear sunglasses and SPF60) or you can’t hear your phone or stereo (pump the volume up). No excuses!

To see the full article visit: http://www.smartfem.com/index.php?s=fiat


Volvo “Rolls” Everywhere; 2013 Volvo S60 T5 FWD Platinum

Volvo means “I roll” in Latin. Volvo is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo @ Local Motors

Although Volvo was established in 1915, as a subsidiary of a Swedish Ball Bearing Company, thus (I roll ) the auto manufacturer was officially founded on April 14, 1927.  This is when the first car, the Volvo OV 4 series, known as “Jakob”, rolled out of the factory.

In 1924 the two founders, Gabrielsson and Larson decided to start construction of a Swedish car.  Their vision was to build cars that could withstand the rigors of Sweden’s rough roads and cold temperatures. I can only imagine if they were from New York building them for the Harlem River Parkway, how similar it would be. In 1990, Volvo sold its car division to Ford Motor Company for $6.45 billion dollars. In 2010 Ford sold its interest in Volvo Cars to the Chinese motor manufacturer Geely Automobile for $1.8 billion.

Here it is; 2013 and although the shapes and sizes have changed, Volvo’s dedication to safety, environment and craftsmanship not only continue, but get better.

Seatbelt 3 point

I test drove the 2013 Volvo S60 T5 FWD recently and took it to the awards dinner for the Active Lifestyle Vehicle event.  I was there with athletes who were reviewing various categories of cars, trucks and SUVs. As I pulled up in the Volvo S60 T5 when I heard one of the football players say… “What is that car she’s driving?”  That is the kind of reaction you get when you’ve not kept up with Volvo’s exterior transformations and technology such as City Safety.

My ride was comfortable from both inside and out, but what impressed me the most was the get up and go when passing other cars and taking sharp turns within the Local Motors factory track.  It felt like a race car with perfect balance, taking corners and stopping at the drop of a feather. If you haven’t driven a Volvo lately, you need to stop stereotyping the car and their genius owners and start driving one.  Not only is Volvo for active lifestyle owners and families, Volvo goes everywhere.

Tailgating at the Volvo Polo Party

Tailgating at the Volvo Polo Party

I recently returned from the Scottsdale Polo Championships with their “horses and horsepower” event with Volvo as a sponsor.  How cool to watch the polo players from all over the world wearing Volvo of Phoenix on their chests. Volvo held its hood high when parked next to Ferraris and Bugatti’s. I met folks who were tailgating out of their Volvo’s just 60 feet from the International Polo match field.  Volvo is safe, sexy, sturdy, sophisticated, sleek, smart and sure to please on the road or in your garage.  I see Volvo S60’s rolling everywhere these days. If you meet an owner of one, just ask where they’ve been lately.

2013 Volvo S60 T5 FWD – Highlights 

Base Price – $32,645 – Price Tested – $42,095.00

Miles Per Gallon – 21 City / 30 Highway

Drivetrain: 2.5 liter turbocharged 5 Cylinder – FWD

6-Speed Geartronic Auto. Trans. W/Sport-Mode

City Safety – Five 3-point safety belts – Sport Pedals

Volvo –  “on call” road assist  – Navigation with RTT

For more details go to www.volvocars.us

…and did you know that Volvo cars are 85% recyclable? 

Who invented the three-point seat belt? Nils Bohlin, a Swedish inventor and introduced it to Volvo in 1959.  Prior to the three-point seat belt there was a lap type belt invented in 1885 that came with hooks and had to be latched to a fixed object.  Thank you Nils !

A similar article was published in smartfem.com at http://www.smartfem.com/automotive/volvo-rolls-everywhere-with-the-2013-volvo-s60-t5-fwd-platinum/.