Tops Off to the Italians for the 2013 Fiat 500c Lounge Cabrio



Don’t worry; I’m not referencing a topless beach in Capri, Italy, but rather hats off to Fiat, the manufacturer of the 500c Lounge Cabrio for making such an awesome car and to Fiat of Scottsdale for providing me the opportunity to test drive it. You can’t resist taking your top down on a super sexy and fun Fiat 500 convertible no matter what time of year.


For me, driving any convertible is a vacation in of itself. I own a 2002 Thunderbird convertible, and every chance I get, I put my top down (on the car) and enjoy the sounds, smells and freedom it evokes. I think convertibles are designed for certain types of car enthusiasts. I also believe that if you’ve never driven one or been a passenger in one, you have no idea what you’re missing. There is something so European and sort of “James Bond-ish” about a convertible car on the open roads or even on the Trader Joe’s parking lot. You shouldn’t make excuses such as your hair will get messed up (wear a hat), or maybe you are afraid of the sun exposure (wear sunglasses and SPF60) or you can’t hear your phone or stereo (pump the volume up). No excuses!

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