All Hail the 2015 Mustang: Fast, Fierce and Fabulous

Today, Ford revealed the all-new 2015  Mustang, creating the sixth generation of the vehicle. The new vehicle marks 50 years for the Ford Mustang along with a new sexy, sleek design, innovative technologies and world-class performance.

1386223591890.jpgMustang is now available with three different engines – a powerful 5.0-liter V8, a 3.7 V6 and an all-new fuel-efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. The steering control is a little more precise, the stance is a little lower with a smaller roof height, and the rear fenders and track are a little wider. The new design also has three-dimensional, tri-bar tail-lamps with sequential turn signals.

Though the design is sleeker, the new Mustang also has more room in the backseats providing more comfort for hips and shoulders, and a more conveniently shaped trunk.

Drivers will especially love the smoother shifts from the updated manual gearbox and a reworked automatic transmission featuring new steering wheel-mounted shift paddles for drivers who want the choice between convenience and control.

For the tech lovers, the new Mustang has a push button start, SYNC and MyKey in every Mustang built, Track Apps and a new Shaker Pro audio system. Electronic Stability Control Setting, Blind Spot Information System, alert cruise control and numerous selectable drive modes will make the ride so smooth that the car can practically drive itself.

In addition to the new model and new technology advances, customers simply go crazy over the Mustangs. The vehicle is one of the most popular vehicles in the world, and reigns as the most talk-about vehicle on Facebook with more then 5 million fans worldwide. Over 9 million cars have been sold since the first Mustang released in 1964.

As I hope to test-drive one of these new babies to check out all of these fun advances, I’m sure if you pick this vehicle you will feel like a King or Queen of the Highway. And for my ladies, make sure you wear the red Louboutins, especially if you’re searching for a candy apple color. A car this sexy must be paired with a new outfit and your sexiest heels!


SRP takes Green to a whole new level

As SRP continues, its “green fleet,” it is increasing its line of new-technology vehicles with the addition of five new Ford plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – three Fusion Energi and two C-MAX Energi – which are scheduled to arrive in October. Currently, SRP has five Chevy Volts.  A total of 15 green vehicles will be leased by 2014.

*courtesy of

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As the products are still in the demonstration process, employees have the opportunity to test the vehicles first and then vote on the best “green” models. The top five employee-voted designs will be announced Nov. 7.

Accompanied with this new launch is Ford’s MyFord Mobile app, which will collect new data for the company on employee driving and charging habits, with the goal of improving all-electric driving and charging performance. The MyFord ® Mobile app also provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time battery charge status, a vehicle locator and value charging, which allows a car to automatically recharge during lower-cost, off-peak electricity rates, when there is less strain on the electrical grid.

If your shopping for an eco-friendly car, check these models out at the Salt River Project’s headquarters in Tempe. Tweet me @cargalinphx and let me know what you think. #GoGreen #ElectricalCars

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